Our History

In 1996, Steve Dulin established MasterPlan Business Ministries on the foundational belief that God’s Ways Work in every area of life, including business.

This message is at the heart of MasterPlan’s mission to see Christians thrive in their families, relationships and businesses as they follow proven Biblical principles for success in life.

Through events like The MasterPlan Business Seminar, discipleship groups and training programs, MasterPlan is equipping Christians to follow God’s way, strengthen their families and relationships and build successful, principled businesses that testify to the world that God’s Ways Work.

About MasterPlan

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Robert Morris, Senior Pastor of Gateway Church:

"Steve Dulin serves as an elder at Gateway Church and is one of our founding elders. I have known Steve and his wife, Melody, for almost 20 years and Steve is one of my closest friends. Steve founded and successfully ran Milestone Construction for over 20 years, but it is his spiritual insight into business that I want to recommend to you."

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"The world is not impressed when they see Christians earning money or achieving success by doing things the world's way. The world is impressed when they see Christians living the Christian life, especially in business."