MasterPlan Business Seminar on CD

MasterPlan Business Seminar on CD


The MasterPlan Business Seminar on CD is a four-disc set featuring audio recordings of MasterPlan Business Seminar, presented by Steve Dulin.

The seminar is filled with timeless truths and practical ways to start or grow a successful business. It is designed to help business owners, managers and employees implement best practices to maximize effectiveness. Steve shares personal examples of how he has seen God's Ways Work in business, Biblical models for marketing and corporate expansion, and the key to bringing the blessing of God on your business.

The CD Set includes the following five sessions:

    God's Ways Work in Business
    Ten Ways to Prosper Your Business
    God's MasterPlan to Conquer Land
    Marketing God's Way
    Sabbatical and Q&A

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The CD set is available to purchase through PayPal, with a PayPal account or with any major credit card.

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"Thank you, Steve, for the great information, for your heart towards God, and especially towards people in business. This seminar the best $50 we have ever spent on the business."

Laura from Euless

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"Success: Hearing God and doing His will."