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"My favorite thing about the seminar was Mr. Dulin’s passion to help people to not only prosper in business, but in their Christian life. I was utterly blown away by the material and the passion with which it was presented. Thank you so much for this seminar, I have been thoroughly encouraged.”
Eric from Southlake

"We were amazed by Steve’s testimony of running 2500 projects with no bills paid late, never getting paid late, and no lawsuits. Thank you, Steve, for the great information, for your heart towards God, and especially towards people in business. This seminar was the best $50 we have ever spent on the business."
Laura from Euless

"At the MasterPlan Seminar, Steve cleared up so many areas where we had questions. After the seminar, my wife and I gave our business to the Lord. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this seminar."
Shane from Amarillo

"I am a college student pursuing a degree in business. I learned more in five hours at the MasterPlan seminar than I have this entire semester. My desire is to do whatever it is that God wants me to do and this seminar showed me the best way to accomplish this is to listen to Him. I can’t thank God enough for this opportunity to learn and grow."
Ben from Dallas

"I've been to many motivational and ‘how to’ seminars, but this was different. It was fresh, because it’s God-inspired. I gained so many insights. Thank you Steve, and thank you, God, for this seminar!"
Jerry from Weatherford

"I own a construction company and I have to say, Steve’s testimony of God’s favor and protection for 17 years is amazing. Only with God is that possible! It was great to hear from a man who truly hears, believes and obeys God."
Wesley from Decatur

"This seminar is full of great material, powerful examples and solid teaching. I loved the delivery and appreciated how it applied to the individual situations of a diverse audience."
Terisa from Lubbock

"Through this seminar, I regained perspective on God’s purpose for business. The teaching on sabbatical strengthened my faith to hear, believe and obey God. I can hear God, and if I seek Him, He will show up and tell me what to do and how to do it."
Jill from Trophy Club

"Just one principle I learned at the MasterPlan Business Seminar increased my business by 20% in one year!"
Gary from Lubbock

"I can’t believe how much Steve covered in such a short time! He is a real man who has faced real problems and come up with real solutions for business. I could easily relate to his stories and loved how practical it was. I gained so much from this seminar. I can’t wait to go back to work with my mind reset and refocused on God."
Mel from Amarillo

"Steve’s personal testimony was the example I needed to know that a Christ-like life is possible in all aspects of life, including the business world. My only request is that you make the seminar longer so Steve can share more – I got the feeling we got the tip of the iceberg."
Paul from Keller

"My wife and I attended together, and we both loved Steve’s transparency and hearing all of his Godly examples. We gained a new understanding of God’s process and new faith in His promises. We could not put a price on this seminar. We were totally blessed to be a part of this event."
Jesse from Fort Worth

"I thought this seminar would be about business, but in reality, it was all about God. All about knowing Him, hearing Him, loving Him, talking to Him, obeying Him, believing Him, and then watching Him do awesome things. I can’t tell you how blessed and challenged I was, thank you so much!"
Laura from Oak Brook

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Through the years I have known Steve, I have found him to be a man of conviction, with a deep sense of purpose. From his twenty-five years of experience owning a business, he has developed teachings..."

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